My Story and Goals

I am a 22-year-old with a BA in psychology, who lives with her mom, works an unfulfilling part-time job, explores the world half-heartedly, and has no idea what she wants. But I live a short distance from one of the most vibrant cities in the world, I have excellent Google skills, and I have enough savings to explore most of the things my heart desires.

No, I don't know exactly what I want, but I do know a few things that make me happy or have made me happy in the past. I am going to create more of these experiences and build on them as much as possible until hopefully I hit on a sustainable lifestyle and career that will make me happy:

* Vegan Food: Food is going to be at the center of all my soul-searching. I am an ethical vegan who loves food, and for some reason, really great food is the one thing that has always motivated me to get off the couch and go somewhere new and unfamiliar. I am going to use the promise of new food to lure me into new neighborhoods I want to explore.

* Music: Music is the other thing that is likely to get me off the couch, although it is usually in the context of going to a concert with some friends. Now, I am going to find concerts by myself too, and I am also going to be on the lookout for other types of musical activities: free festivals, street musicians, musicians' meetup groups, and people who are willing to jam with me. The ideas of being a part of the local music scene, and being able to play music from the heart, two things I haven't yet accomplished, both excite me.

* Helping Others: I care a lot about the world and everyone in it, including all people and all animals. In the past, I haven't shown this much, aside from being vegan, being a part of the vegan movement, and very occasionally volunteering for other causes. Now I am challenging myself to do more random acts of kindness, and take on more one-time volunteering opportunities, any one of which could turn into a longer term endeavor.

* Saying Yes: Cheesy as it was, I found "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey both inspiring and incriminating. I am something of a recluse and I say no to everything that carries the risk of emotional vulnerability or discomfort or physical harm, which is almost everything. But because there is a chance that my purpose in life is something I've never even heard of yet, I am going to have to start saying yes to things if I want to find it. I do have exceptions to prevent me from going against deeply held values and running out of money, so don't go trying to exploit it.

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